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>> What Others Have to Say About Us.

Vistage Chair | CEO Coach


“Our Vistage group has had dozens of speakers over the past 7 years on a multitude of topics but ALC's recent workshop over-delivered on our expectations. In addition to the message being strategic and very thought-provoking, he connected many of the dots on the takeaways garnered from prior speakers on vulnerability, empathy, culture, innovation, storytelling etc.  I urge any business owner to listen to their message and insights if you REALLY want to find a way to build and measure trust, loyalty, and advocacy in your business.”

>> Michael Mancuso
Vistage Chair, Buffalo, NY




Executive Director | Non-Profit


"ALC's work is so critical for the way our entire culture works and specifically for the way we continue to evolve the running of our businesses. The more we understand ourselves as human beings the better we can develop our businesses to better serve the needs of people, all people; customers, employees, and the people that are impacted by our decisions and actions. ALC's style and approach is "just right" for helping to enlighten leaders who need a better grasp of this so-grounded-in-science message about humans and how we work together. I especially appreciate the way they use visual models to communicate the messages they have to share. They are engaging, open, clear, and really sharp. They effectively brings his many years of practice along with his continuous attentiveness, thinking, analyzing, and learning into their presentations. Highly recommended (if your business involves or impacts human beings in any way...)!

>> David Garnard
Executive Director, Our Table Cooperative, Portland, OR