Our seminars create alignment in your team. Our work inspires people to work better together.


Our facilitators have run hundreds of seminars, small group sessions retreats and keynote talks for clients across the spectrum of organizations from non-profit and governmental to for-profit startups, Fortune 100 companies, and the US military. 


Full-Day, Onsite for Multiple Organizations or Groups of Diverse Leaders | Delivering Access To The Science of Human Thriving with Interactive and engaging presenters.

Participants: No More Than 50
Costs: Fixed Price, Inclusive of Travel
Titles Include:
>> Leadership
>> Culture
>> Innovation
>> Advocacy
>> Human Flourishing

If you need a facilitator for an off-site or want your leaders to learn the science of empathy, creativity, and motivation from industry experts, we have an array of proven seminars to align your leadership teams and raise the bar on their leadership skills that have been proven in academia.


Full-Day, Onsite for a Single Organization| Developing Alignment through the Science of Human Thriving.

 Participants: No More Than 20
Costs: Fixed Price, Inclusive of Travel
 Titles Include:
>> Organizational Alignment
>> Leadership Confidence
>> Culture Development
>> Psychological Safety
>> Building Relationships at Scale

Our working sessions have proven to create sustainable alignment, build organizational confidence, and generate commitment amongst leadership teams. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, we come to you and get your team confidently rowing in the same direction with proven results.


One to Three Hour, Customized Talks for your conference, seminar, retreat, or off-site. We will work with you to maximize the impact of your investment in bringing people together.

Participants: Unlimited
Costs: Fixed Price, Inclusive of Travel
Customized Content May Include:
>> Customer Centricity
>> Strategy vs. Tactics | Empathy
>> Organizational Momentum
>> Growth Mindset | Feedback
>> Organizational Culture Development
Leading for Innovation

If you are looking for a seasoned presenter or speaker for your leadership event in almost any domain, our leaders have fresh, compelling, and award-winning talks on empathy, creativity, leadership, and culture that can be customized for most audiences. Make a lasting impact on your audience.