Dunning Kruger Effect Overlayed on the Competence Continuum

Confidence vs. Competence; Knowing How to Ride the Line

capabilities competence confidence mastery Aug 10, 2021

Without confidence, competence is not so useful. Without competence, confidence is futile. 

They need to co-exist and, as a leader, the better you know where you and your team are on the spectrum, the more successful you will be.

In 1999, David Dunning and Justin Kruger, at Cornell University did a series of psychological experiments studying our sense of humor and demonstrated that most of us overestimate our skills and knowledge, and we underestimate our weaknesses. Since that seminal experiment, researchers across many knowledge and skill domains have replicated the results and while there is evidence that the effects differ by culture, the impact on our behavior and the results that we get are immense. It has also been proven across many, many domains of competence. 

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