Goals Matter; They can motivate and demotivate

leadership motivation sdt Sep 04, 2021

The most valuable metrics for your business are those which power decision-making and inspire innovation. When the front-line people in your organization, those who talk to your customers every day, are aligned and inspired by the same performance metrics as the executives, innovations, both big and small, will occur regularly at all levels.

A long-standing and entrenched belief floating around the business community is that the ultimate business metric is profit. Eliyahu Goldratt popularized the concept, in his book “The Goal.” Many, including Milton Freidman, and Frederick Taylor, would argue the very reason a business exists is to make a profit. Goldratt’s parable describes a manager’s relentless pursuit of resolving the bottlenecks which reduce the profitability of your business. His “theory of constraints” has been a widely used management philosophy for good reason. When we invest in a business, we expect to get a return on our investment.

The Self-Determination Theory of human intrinsic motivation points us in a different direction. Goals matter. Articulating your goals in a human-oriented way can make a big difference in the motivation of your teams.

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